The Forestland Group

The Forestland Group, LLC 

The Forestland Group, LLC is an independent timberland investment management organization that currently manages approximately 3.5 million acres in 24 US states as well as in Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, and Panama. The firm manages its investments through a series of limited partnerships and private real estate investment trusts with a mix of both institutional and high-net-worth investors, encompassing some 130 different entities. The ForestLand Group was a pioneer in managing its timberland portfolio under a third-party verified sustainable forest management certificate.

The ForestLand Group’s staff includes some of the nation’s leaders in forestry, forest finance, and conservation. In addition, TFG and its affiliated entities contract with independent forestry, environmental, and natural resource consulting firms to more effectively manage its timber and non-timber assets. The ForestLand Group manages the nation’s largest private portfolio of hardwood forests. This portfolio is well diversified by geographic region, markets, species mix, and age class. The firm has arranged many significant conservation sales, including both working-forest conservation easements and sales to public agencies.

The ForestLand Group focuses on naturally regenerating hardwood and softwood forests containing considerable volumes of intermediately aged, vigorous timber stands. Carefully administered harvesting during the management phase generates periodic cash flow for investors and accelerates the biological growth of the remaining timber. They manage their properties according to principles of sustainable forestry, encouraging the natural regeneration of the forest, maintaining soil productivity, water quality, species diversity, and wildlife habitat, and protecting sites with significant biological, historical or archaeological value. 

Managed by the Forestland Group, LLC, the Highlands Carbon Project encompasses approximately 9,500 acres, a portion of a larger property. This property is characteristic of a working forest in the Southern Appalachians, well stocked with maple, poplar, oak, and other hardwoods, as well as softwoods and used for timber production and recreational hunting. The Carbon Canopy project allows them to optimize multiple benefits across the landscape. The Highlands Carbon Project area will be managed in accordance with Forest Steward Certification principles and criteria. Timber harvesting will protect buffers, maintain habitat connectivity and create natural regeneration of hardwood stands through patch cut openings. This project is expected to bring 100,000 offsets to market.

“The Forestland Group is excited to be part of a pioneering concept for forest use in the Southern Appalachians,” says Kaarsten Turner Dalby, Vice President of Ecological Services, The ForestlandGroup, LLC.