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Carbon Canopy presents webinar on forest management and carbon markets

Pacific Forest Trust presents webinar detailing opportunity for Southern Forests presented to important stakeholders. See presentation here

Report on Forest Carbon Markets released

January 15, 2010 State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2009: Taking Root & Branching Out, Ecosystem Marketplace report examines the progress of forest carbon markets in during 2009 and provides historical prospective on the establishment of the markets and their growth. Read full report here

Yes Magazine - Big News for Small Forests

January 7, 2010 Sustainable, small-scale working forests are feeling the economic pinch. But nonprofit groups are helping family- and community-owned woodlands thrive by connecting them with carbon markets… Read the full article here

Environmental Leader - Staples, Dogwood Alliance Promote Forest Carbon Offsets

Asheville Citizen-Times - Dogwood Alliance, Staples team up to protect southern forests

ClimateBiz - Staples and Dogwood Alliance Form Unlikely Forestry Offset Partnership

Huffington Post Blog - Teaming Up With Our Former Foes

Boston Globe - Staples is involved in forest project

Reuters - Staples and Home Depot join effort to save U.S. forests

Staples, Conservation Groups, Wood Products Companies and Landowners Join to Protect Forests and Combat Climate Change

Washington Post - Former Adversaries Launch Carbon Credit-Trading Project

Carbon Canopy Releases New Brochure

New brochure explains how well managed forests can sequester carbon and generate land owner revenue.