For Landowners


In the past, simply growing trees to provide lumber to market and a place to hunt whitetail deer was considered the epitome of conservation. Today, green economics mean much more and landowners are expected to monitor and sustain ecosystems.

Today, the global and domestic market is increasingly demanding proof that products made from wood are produced from a sustainable source. The Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) forest management standard was developed in response to these demands for responsibly managed forests. As a landowner, you may someday find that when it comes time to sell your timber, FSC certification of your forest may be essential to reaching a wider array of pulp, lumber and other markets.

Proper forest management has the added benefit of removing carbon dioxide (carbon) from our atmosphere. While the impact of carbon on climate is still being debated, many organizations and businesses have decided that reducing atmospheric carbon is good for the environment and as a result there are monetary incentives to manage forests towards this end.

Forests provide beauty and shade, lumber and paper, and chemicals and pharmaceuticals.They help clean our air and water, store carbon and provide wildlife habitat. Good forest practices result in healthy and vigorous trees thereby maximizing these benefits.Through increasing conservation in forest management a landowner can ensure trees consume more carbon each year. Carbon markets are developing that could pay annual dividends to landowners for this additional carbon consumption.

The Carbon Canopy is working to develop a credible model for assuring that landowners who manage forests to the highest environmental and social standards receive adequate compensation and gain a competitive advantage in today’s markets for wood, paper and carbon. In today’s rapidly emerging carbon market, credibility matters. For a landowner, higher standards mean more dollars per ton of carbon. 

Our long-term goal is to provide landowners with sufficient revenue for carbon and other ecosystem services, such as watershed protection, to support long-term forest management certified to the high standards of the FSC. The Carbon Canopy is a diverse group of stakeholders committed to finding ways to manage forest resources responsibly. We are working to help you enhance returns on FSC-certified forests with carbon revenue.

The Carbon Canopy is piloting the concept of combining increased conservation and FSC certification with management for forest carbon sequestration via a project in the Appalachian region of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. We are working with landowners who are excited about the possibility of revenue generated from keeping their forests healthy and in longer rotations. Let your conservation efforts be recognized and rewarded. Find out how your corner of the world can be a solution for today’s forests and tomorrow’s environment by contacting the Carbon Canopy.