For Companies


“The long range health of all businesses which rely on wood products is directly linked to forests and the ability to access wood from well managed land. For the rural communities and landowners who rely on them for jobs as well for the other ecosystem services such as clean water, tourism, hunting, fishing, hiking protecting forests is integral for the vitality of these economies.” 


 - Mark Buckley, VP Environmental Affairs, Staples, Inc.


…Because Protecting Forests is Good for Business


Companies are increasingly changing the way they do business to ensure their practices further long-term ecological, social and economic sustainability. But sometimes being green is hard work.While there are many challenges ahead, we must overcome obstacles, think creatively and work collaboratively to solve some of the biggest global ecological challenges, such as global climate change.    

When it comes to forest conservation and the forest carbon market, it can be difficult to decipher what’s credible and what’s not. Whether you are a company looking to source wood and paper products domestically from well, managed forests certified as meeting the high standards of FSC-certification or a company who is looking for credible ways to further reduce its carbon emissions through investing in credible forest conservation projects, the Carbon Canopy hopes to help you find answers. 

The Carbon Canopy is bridging businesses like yours with credible forest conservation. Driven by collaboration among diverse stakeholders, we are building a new business model, that helps drive the conservation, restoration, and management of forests here at home to a high environmental standard. Carbon Canopy is an innovative, market-based initiative to increase investments in forestry-based carbon while at the same time increasing the supply of products from forests in the Southern US that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Our intent is to build a model for companies who want to invest in credible conservation, restoration and management of forests in the US, bringing it to a high environmental standard.   

Credibility matters. That’s why the Carbon Canopy joins together stakeholders ranging from private landowners and environmental groups to multinational corporations intent upon raising the standards, effectiveness, legitimacy and value of forest conservation and restoration initiatives, such as forest-based carbon markets and certification.

Through this initiative, we hope to help companies like yours:

gain valuable recognition and insight into the complexities of the forest carbon market

gain a greater understanding of how the voluntary carbon market works

invest in credible forest conservation as a means of reducing carbon emissions and helping to combat climate change

gain access to domestically-sourced FSC-certified wood and paper products.